SIM researchers visited ECIS 2014 in Tel Aviv

SIM researchers visited ECIS 2014 in Tel Aviv

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ECIS is the major European conference on Information Systems. At the heart of the conference is the program of academic research presentations. This years, ECIS 2014 took place in Tel Aviv. Two scholars of the Professorship of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management (SIM) contributed to the conference.

Nils Urbach chaired the sessions of the track on “Advancing Theories and Theorizing in IS Research” together with Benjamin Müller from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). This track provided a platform for the discussion and development of new approaches to theorizing in the IS discipline.

Arne Buchwald presented a conceptual paper on bottom-up un-enacted projects (written by Arne Buchwald, Nils Urbach, and Frederik Ahlemann) in the track “IT Strategy and Governance”. Un-enacted projects are those projects that have not been officially evaluated by the project portfolio management but do exist although they are not known to a company’s project portfolio. One particular type of these un-enacted projects are bottom-up initiatives. Bottom-up un-enacted projects are unofficial initiatives on which employees spend time without order but with which they intend to benefit their organizations. This study thus aims at gaining a deeper understanding of the organizational drivers of bottom-up un-enacted projects.

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