SIM Master Seminar Winter Term 2015/16 "Strategic Management of IT/IS"

SIM Master Seminar Winter Term 2015/16 "Strategic Management of IT/IS"

Seminar Focus
During the past few years, IT departments’ role has changed significantly in many organizations. While these departments used to have a primarily internal delivery function within their companies, they increasingly serve as service centers targeted at reaching a market price level and, at the same time, seeking to contribute to company success. This development has led to new structures and requirements for strategic management of IT and IS. Today, understanding the business needs, aligning the IT department’s efforts accordingly, and driving the company’s digital agenda are central challenges for IT decision makers.

The objective of this seminar is the investigation and discussion of contemporary issues in the fields of strategic IT/IS management. Each participant will write a seminar paper about one particular topic and present his final results to the class.

Topic 1: The Relationship between SOA and Cloud Computing
Topic 2: The Future Workplace and its Implications for IT Management
Topic 3: Wearable Computing at the Workplace
Topic 4: How IT Consumerization affects IT Management
Topic 5: The Business Value of Big Data
Topic 6: Leveraging Agile Project Management
Topic 7: Overcoming the Challenges of Shadow IT
Topic 8: Innovation Management in the Digital Age
Topic 9: How to Implement a Social Media Policy
Topic 10: The Changing Role of the CIO in Digital Business
Topic 11: What Digital Transformation Means for Business

BWL – V 7-3
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