Beitrag auf der European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

Professur SIM mit einem Beitrag auf der ECIS vertreten

 Die Professur für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Strategisches IT-Management (Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach) ist dieses Jahr mit einem Beitrag auf der European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) vertreten. Die Tagung findet Ende Mai in Münster statt. Der Beitrag lautet wie folgt:

Exploring Organizational Level Continuance of Cloud-Based Enterprise Systems

Authors: Sebastian Walther, Saonee Sarker, Nils Urbach, Darshana Sedera, Torsten Eymann, Boris Otto


As cloud computing has become a mature technology broadly being adopted by companies across all industries, cloud   service   providers   are   increasingly   turning   their   attention   to   retaining   their customers.  However,  only  little  research  has  been  conducted  on  investigating  the  antecedents  of service  continuance  in  an  organizational  context. To address  this  gap in  research,  we  carried  out  a quantitative-empirical  study.  We  developed  a  conceptual  model  that  builds  on  previous  research on organizational level continuance. We tested this model, using survey data gathered from IT decisionmakers of companies which have adopted cloud enterprise systems. The data was analyzed using PLS. The  results  show  that  continuance  intention  can  be  predicted  both  by  socio-organizational  and technology-related  factors,  explaining  55.9  %  of  the  dependent  variable’s variance. Besides  cloud specific findings,  the  study  also  enhances  knowledge  in  the  area  of  organizational  level  system continuance as well as its connection to IS success.

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