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In the course of the transition from the industrial to the information era and the increasing speed and intensity of information flows involved, the importance of Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) in business and public organizations increases. IT and IS become the essential and mission critical "digital nervous system" of any modern economy.

At the team of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management both business processes and technological aspects related to these developments converge. By combining both fields we analyze and develop holistic concepts and solutions for the implementation of IT and IS in various application areas and support our students in developing necessary skills and expertise theoretical foundations as well as business applications, preparing them for tasks and executive functions in this field.

In research and teaching we primarily focus on the activities of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and IT decision-makers. Thus, we deal with the purposeful planning, controlling, organization and management of IT functions of medium and large companies as well as the beneficial utilization of IT and IS in enterprises.


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