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Information Systems and Strategic IT Management – Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach

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Next to teaching and research, the Professor of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management (SIM) executes practice-oriented studies. These studies enable us to find out about the current state of business practice regarding our research topics a) to identify relevant issues for further research and b) to communicate solutions to these problems to organizational practice.

Supporting Communication and Cooperation in the Asylum Process with the help of Blockchain 

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has evaluated together with the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT how Blockchain can contribute to meeting challenges in the asylum process and promote both the establishment of digital identities in the asylum context and inter-agency communication and cooperation. 

A proof-of-concept project carried out by the Federal Office in the first half of 2018 serves as a key reference point. (download)

Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Technologies, Research Questions and Applications

This position paper analyzes the Blockchain technology from a scientific and application-oriented perspective of the Fraunhofer group. The study examines relevant technological aspects and related research questions. (download)

Blockchain: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentials 

The Blockchain has long been more than just the technology behind the crypto currency Bitcoin. On contrary, the technology is now regarded as the actual innovation that, according to experts, has the potential to change many areas of society that go far beyond the field of digital currencies. Not least due to the wide range of possible applications, it is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. (download)

IT-Outsourcing-Performance-Study 2017

Almost 30 years ago, companies outsourced their IT fort he first time, but many outsourcing projects still go wrong today – there is no universal recipe for success. Only 24 percent of the companies achieve the goals they were pursuing by outsourcing their IT. More than a third, on the other hand, confirm that their goals have been achieved by no more than 20 percent. This is shown by a survey of around 80 IT experts recently conducted by the management consultancy Horváth & Partners and the University of Bayreuth. (download)

Smart Data Transformation – Surfing the Big Data Wave

Companies are aware of the potential of Big Data in a digitized world. Which benefits are they actually reaping today? How important are smart data transformation projects at the moment? To better understand the present and future value of Big Data and the factors determining the success of smart data transformation projects, Infosys Consulting and Fraunhofer FIT's Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering surveyed corporate decision-makers.(download)

CIO-Expert Survey 2014

Many companies have difficulties in assessing the value contribution of their IT organization (i.e. its effectiveness and efficiency). Major reasons comprise continuously increasing business requirements, the growing number of managed IT solutions, and the concomitant management complexity. The CIO Expert Survey 2014 investigates the impact of the fields of IT Strategy & Governance, IT Organization & Sourcing Management, and Project & Portfolio Management on the overall success of an IT organization. The survey results illustrate the current success of IT                                               organizations and propose specific adjustments within the above mentioned fields of action to                                                 further enhance its value contribution to business success. (download)

IT Outsourcing Satisfaction Survey 2014

Despite the fact that organizations have decades of experience in IT Outsourcing, the successful implementation cannot be taken for granted, as an online survey of 85 IT executives shows: about 60 percent of the respondents said that they did not achieve all of their IT outsourcing objectives. (download)

IT-Governance in Organizational Practice

During the last few years, the concept of IT governance has been increasingly spotlighted in the context of the IT’s increased business orientation. This interview study aims at exploring the understanding and the status quo of IT Governance across different companies and industries, at analyzing interdependencies and correlations to success, and at identifying successful approaches and success factors. (download)

Employee Portal Benchmark

In spite of limited IT budgets and increasing pressure to justify investments, in many organizations the benefits of executed and planned investments in employee portals are not really clear. Often, false investments are made due to incomplete knowledge of user behavior and user needs. The purpose of the study is to systematically collect data regarding the benefit that results from the usage of the single employee portals – both from the user and the organizational perspective. The results shall help the participating companies to uncover investment needs and justify investments. (download)

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